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Reader x Levi – Confident

Warning for suggesting/mature themes.

*Note – Please read before you begin*

Anything in side of brackets [ ] means out of the story contexts.
For story purposes, let’s pretend that AOT was in a parallel universe that had music and headphones and tech and coolness like nowadays but still had the problem of Titans. Don’t bother to tell me ‘plot hole’ cause I don’t really care.

You strutted like a pompous know-it-all into the Survey Corps building. Why were you walking in such a manner? Well, you were a pompous know-it-all.

          Being (Y/n) (L/n), you were kind of a legend around the place; your parents, Mr. and Mrs. (L/n) [I was too lazy to give them names], were two of the top soldiers. They managed to stay alive together and fight through tough times, something that cadets can only dream about now.

         Then they had you. You were like a bad luck charm. Your mother died shortly after child birth. Your father was on a last-minute expedition outside of the walls when you were born. The news that you were a stillborn and that your mother was dead was delivered to him during a break, but when he went back outside to fight once more, there was nothing left for him to fight for.

         You, of course, were actually not a stillborn. You just didn’t cry at all and the nurses thought there was something wrong with you.

         You were raised with Armin Arlert’s family [pretend, child, pretend] and you became close friends with him, Eren, and Mikasa. You joined the army with them, excelled quickly, and decided to join the Survey Corps just like the rest of your friends.

         “Damn, (Y/n). Why don’t you break the door while your at it?” Jean asked, walking next to you. “I’m sure that Corporal Shorty would like that,” he added sarcastically.

         “Horse-face, I’ll just break you next time. How’s that? Levi will like that more, I think.” A smirk dance across your face.

          “No shit, Sherlock. I’m just that loveable.”

          You shoved your friend playfully and laughed. “Emphasis on the hate, Jean.”

         You and Jean were close friends. Although he was an ass sometimes, the two of you both had a passion for annoying the heck out of Corporal Levi.

          “Cadet Kirschtein! Cadet (L/n)! Where do you two think are going?”

          “Speak of the devil,” you cooed. “Hello Corporal Ləvi,” you greeted the raven-haired man. You said his name incorrectly on purpose. “We were heading to the main hallway in order to get to the mess hall – we are to meet the others there.”

          Jean attempted to keep his laughter contained.

          “What did you say cadet?” Levi demanded.

         “Hello Lance Corporal… Ləvi,” you repeated, using the same pronunciation. “We were,-”

          He sighed, knowing you were trying to make him mad. “Cadet, you are aware that my name is not… Ləvi, correct?”

          You faked an innocent face. “I’m sorry, sir. That’s how Kirschtein taught me to say it!”

         Jean shot you a ‘what the fuck did you jut get me into?’ look.

         Levi turned to Jean. “Kirschtein, you have to wash the floors in the main hallway for today.” He turned to you. "You can join Kirschtein and help him. It should teach you from trusting the brat.” Levi released a deep breath of air and clucked his tongue. “It’s Le-vi. Also.”

          He turned on the ball of his foot and stormed off in the other direction.

          “Thanks, (F/n).”

         “You’re welcome!” You replied cheerfully.

          Jean mumbled something.

          “What’d you say, horse-face?”

          He looked you straight in the eyes. “You’re just trying to spend more time with him.”

          You slapped the back of his head. “Shut it. Aren’t steeds supposed to be loyal and quiet?”

⚔  ⚔  ⚔

You sat on the floor in the main hallway and pulled out a sponge and bucket of water with soap.

          “You know what, Jean?”


          “Where the heck does Shorty get the money for all of these cleaning supplies? I bet that they all cost more than some real food.”

          Jean toyed with the thought for a moment. “You’re right.”

          “I know I am, thank you.” You paused and then smiled evilly. “What if we had some fun with this? You know, to make the time past faster.”

          Jean raised an eyebrow. “What type of fun?”

          You picked up the bucket and dumped the contents on to the floor before tying sponges the sole of your boots. “Like this.”

          And you hallway-skated.

          Soon, Jean and a few other cadets joined in on the fun and before no time, the entire hallway was squeaky clean. Literally.

         Levi walked in on the five of you all taking the sponges off your boots. “What is this?” he demanded.

         “We just finished cleaning the hallway, sir. As you can see, our colleagues joined us out of pure of heart.”

         “Pure of heart?” Levi asked. It was like this concept was new to him. “You brats, where are all of you supposed to be?”

         Eren spoke up. “We finished our training early, sir. On the way to our dorms, we stopped by to help Jean and (Y/n). She made it fun.”

         Somewhat intrigued, Levi pressed on with more questions. “Fun? How so?”

         Everyone turned and looked at you.

          Seems like I’ve got the spotlight.

          “Hallway-skating, sir. It is both efficient and less time consuming.”

          “Wonderful. I guess in that case that the whole lot of you wouldn’t mind cleaning out the stables now as well. Since you all seem so efficient and quick.”

          No one dared groan.

          A spark in your eyes lit up. “Yes, sir.”

⚔  ⚔  ⚔

In the stables, you managed to gain more cadets to help you. How? Stable sword-fighting. But with brooms.

         You tightened your grip on the handle to the broom. “Ready to go down, Mikasa?”

         Her expression did not change.

         Everyone watching and sweeping at the same time cheered on.

         How had you gotten in this position? You created a brilliant plan, duh. A small area in the stables was selected and the first two people to finish cleaning their area would spar with brooms.

         Mikasa stomped her foot, making you jump back slightly. Then, with inhuman speed, she lunged at you, nearly knocking you off your feet.

         Quick as you were, you jumped out of the way and pushed her down with your broom. After multiple patterns of blocking and attacking, you had successfully pinned Mikasa down on the stable floor.

         “Well played, (L/n).” It wasn’t Mikasa’s voice.

         You turned and met Levi’s cold glare.

         “Care to explain what this is?”

         “Cleaning the stables, sir.”

         Levi huffed; his version of a chuckle. “And yet this seems more like a brawl than cleaning.”

         “Well, sir, as you can see,” you backed off Mikasa, allowing her to return to the rest of the crowd, “we turned it into a game of sorts. We are able to enjoy each other’s company and get the work done.”

         Everyone nodded in agreement and you sat back on your heels.

         “(L/n), every time I assign you and your friends, you seem to make it fun. Do you think that fighting Titans is a laughing matter?”

         His words hit you with a brute force.

         “Are the deaths of your colleagues meaningless because you wish to have… fun? Because if so, you are not meant to be here.”

         Suddenly, tears began to form in your (e/c) eyes. You trembled, remembering the deaths witnessed when the three abnormal Titans appeared and when Eren revealed his newfound ability.

         “I can very well request you be transferred else where for you to have your fun.” Levi crouched down to meet your eyes, grabbed your jaw with his cold fingers, and forced you to look into his eyes. “But if I find you doing whatever this is, trust that you will be moved.”

          Levi let go of you, turned on his heel, and began to leave.

         “You think you’re the only on to know death?” you demanded.

         Eren took a seat next to you and attempted to calm you. “(Y/n), let it go.”

         You pressed on further. “You claim to know the loss, and I believe you, but you make no attempt to help others cope.” You stood up and took a few steps closer to Levi. “Do you expect us to shut out everything good in this world and allow our demons claim us?” You trembled slightly as more tears came. “We turn to the one comfort we have – each other. And if that’s something you can’t understand, then maybe you should learn it, rather than persecute those whom know how to mollify the pain.”

          Levi stopped walking, hairs on the back of his neck standing up straight.

         The crowd of cadets all seemed to shake in fear of what might happen.

         “I joined Survey Corps so I could defend those I love. I must remind myself whom I stand for when my path becomes blurred by the losses. That is why, sir, I have fun.”

         You huffed triumphantly and sniffled.

         At record speed, Levi spun back around and threw a slap across your cheek.

         You doubled over in pain and clutched your injured cheek as the metallic taste of blood filled your mouth.

         Mikasa, Eren, Jean, and a few others came to aid you and look at your face. You pushed them all away, refusing their help.

         “(L/n), you’d do best to be wary of your confidence next time. A pitiful slap will be the least of your worries.” And he was gone.

         Mikasa helped you up and Connie offered you a small piece of cloth to wipe your tears and bleeding lip.

         “(Y/n), no one’s ever said anything like that to him. He could have had you removed from the Survey Corps and any other military group for good,” Reiner told you.

         Annie spoke up. “The dick deserved it. I say (Y/n) did well.”

         Everyone else nodded in agreement; soon every cadet complemented you on your brave, yet foolish outburst.

         “Yeah, Corporal Shorty needs to learn some of those manners he’s always making us use.” Eren smiled at you. “Come on, let’s get back to the building before dinner.”

         So, you and everyone else left the stables in a rush; everyone was hungry and everyone wished to spread the word that you were the Survey Corps’ newest rebel.

         You walked with Mikasa, going over your mini fight and techniques the both of you two used.

          You heard something rustle near the stable.

          It’s nothing, you told yourself, continuing to walk forward.  

Little did you know that a certain short corporal hid in the bushes, listening to everything. He thought about what you said.

          Damn she has a heart made of a fire that cannot be put out, he thought.

⚔  ⚔  ⚔

                             (A few weeks later)

People called you Corporal Confident because of your sharp-tongue responses. Not even a day had passes before everyone in the Survey Corps area knew of your show down with the lance corporal. Even Erwin himself knew the details to the argument.

          “Hey (Y/n),” a group of soldiers greeted you at breakfast. You didn’t even know these people. You smiled and chuckled slightly before biting into your bread.

          “(Y/N)!” an excited voice screamed. Hanji ran into the dining hall and began machine-gunning words at you. “Oksothere’sapartyandIneedyourhelpbecauseIheardyou
arereallygoodwithmusicandstuffsocanyoupleasehelpmenooneelsewantsorcandoitpleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease plea.-“

         “Woah, Squad Leader Hanji, please slow down. What’s wrong?”

         She took a deep breath. “We’re having a small victory party and I completely forgot about the music. Would you mind being a DJ or like helping out with the music please?” She looked at you with big puppy-dog eyes.

         “Sure, I’d love to!”

          “GREAT. LET’S GO.” Hanji grabbed your arm and pulled you away from your food.

⚔  ⚔  ⚔

You looked at yourself in the mirror. “You want me to DJ in… this?” you asked.

         Hanji nodded vigorously. “Yup!”

         You sighed. “Why don’t I just go naked instead?” The outfit Hanji insisted on you wearing was composed of a fitted white blouse, a dusty brown corset, a short (and tight) leather skirt, and boots to match your corset.

         “What are you talking about? This is really pretty, (Y/n).”

         And with that comment, Corporal Confident began to point out all of the problems with the attire. “This so-called peasant blouse shows more cleavage than a cut rock*, the corset really knows how to strangle the breath out of you and help push up my breasts, the skirt will ride up and show skin, and these boots are those fit for stripers.”

         Hanji paused for a moment. “Well, there’s not enough time to change now, so let’s go!”

         You sighed and followed the energetic squad leader to the party.

⚔  ⚔  ⚔

The indoor training grounds had been completely transformed; the punching dummies disappeared and were replaced by ice statues, the sparring mats were traded for colourful squares (they lit up if stepped on), and the stage at the front of the room held your DJ booth. Prerecorded music blared out of the speakers and cadets in casual clothing swayed and danced together. A snack bar supplied with actual food and drinks stood to the far right of your booth while the far left held a small stand for colourful lights. What they were for, you weren’t really sure.
         You and Hanji weaved through the crowd to your booth where you immediately began to skillfully mix popular music.

⚔  ⚔  ⚔

The night progressed and the party continued to prove useful; the worries of the outside world were forgotten and everyone was enjoying the evening.

         You slowed the current song down and dimmed all the lights in the room. An array of lights suddenly beamed out of the front of your booth as a trumpet fanfare began your next song. The song you were going to sing.

         “Are you ready?” you asked the crowd.

          Everyone cheered in response.

         “Ha.” You smirked and spun a final disk before you stepped out of the booth and onto the stage.

It’s time for me to take it

I’m the boss right now, not gonna fake it

Knowing you go down, cause this is my game

And you better come to play

I used to hold my freak back,

Now I’m letting go, I make my own choice

Yeah I run my own show, so leave the lights on

No, you can’t make me behave

So you say I’m complicated

But I must be over mind

You’ve had me underrated

What’s wrong with bein’

What’s wrong with bein’

What’s wrong with bein’


As you sang, you noticed a certain person you wouldn’t might showing off in front of.

         You made your way through people in the crowd until you were standing directly in front of him. You smiled at Lance Corporal Levi.

         The orchestral portion of the song slowed down until it was only your voice and the snapping in the background.

So you say I’m complicated

But you’ve had me underrated

What’s wrong with bein’

What’s wrong with bein’

What’s wrong with bein’


         The look on Levi’s face was priceless.

         You smirked as the lights went out and you rushed back to your station at the DJ’s booth.

          Legs don’t fail me now, you thought.

⚔  ⚔  ⚔

Soon, sleep began to get the best of everyone. Cadets either dropped drunk in their spot and had friends carry them back to the dorms, or they were all stacked next to the light booth. [Just kidding].

         You bid your friends a good night and began to clean the aftermath of the party. Surprisingly, the floor was pretty clean, the booths didn’t have reject food stains, and all that was left to do was move the tables back against the walls of the room. Yay.

          Before going to work, you undid the many buckles on the corset, peeled it from your body, and unbuttoned your shirt a little in attempt to cool yourself. So many bodies packed into one place without air conditioner didn’t exactly leave you dry.

         You moved quickly, all of the consumed caffeine finally kicking in. The table didn’t make much noise as it was pushed across the room, but it was still fairly heavy.

         Suddenly, your job became much easier. You craned your neck to the right only to meet a pair of steel grey eyes.

         “Co-corporal Levi! What are you doing here?”

          He ‘tch’ed. “What does it look like, brat. I’m helping you. You can’t be expected to be able to return all of the tables back to their place alone, now can you?”

          An unknown anger boiled inside of you. “What is that supposed to imply? That I’m weak? I am very capable, thank you.”

         Levi no longer paid attention to your rambling and continued to push the table back to where it belonged.

         You crossed your arms over your chest and huffed. Turning, you began to walk to the other side of the room to move the last table.

         As you muttered things to yourself about Levi being a jerk, you felt something warm on the back of your neck. You spun around. “Hi there,” you squeaked.

         “Brat,” he acknowledged casually. His hands reached forward, and for a split second you hoped he was going to hug you. You turn around once more and watched as the corporal pushed the table back in seconds.


         “Um, thank you. I’ve got to get back to the dorms now, sir. We still have training tomorrow.”

         “I’ll escort you, (Yaufljdafj/nodaufiee) [basically means he said your name really wrong], Levi said.

         “Um, sir, it’s (Y/n).”

         “Right. Sorry, (Yaufljdafj/nodaufiee).”

⚔  ⚔  ⚔

You walked down the empty corridors with Levi a few paces behind you.

         At one point, he ‘tched’. He took his boots off. And began to sock-skate.

         You looked at him, stunned.

         He turned back to look at you. “Well, aren’t you coming, (Yaufljdafj/nodaufiee)?”

         And so the two of you sock skated.

⚔  ⚔  ⚔

Levi forced you to take the long way to the girls’ dorms. It happened to pass his quarters.

          He stopped for a moment and threw his boots inside the room. Then continued forward. Sock skating. “Hurry up, (Yaufljdafj/nodaufiee). Do you want to sleep at all tonight?”

         You began to run to try to catch up with him, but only wearing socks, you crashed into Levi and knocked him off his feet.

         “I’m sorry!”

         Levi sighed and rested his head on the cold floor.

         You picked yourself up and helped Levi up.

         You slipped your boots back on and ran the rest of the way, foot steps echoing in the abandoned hallways.

⚔  ⚔  ⚔

You just could not sleep.
No matter how tired you were, sleep would not come and rest you.
So you went to get some water. If you were caught, you’d say you were sleep walking. What could go wrong?

⚔  ⚔  ⚔

You passed by Levi’s quarters on the way back. Mainly because the other way was supposedly haunted and you did not want to deal with ghosts tonight.

         When you shuffled past the doors, you noticed a light peeking from under the door.

          Being Corporal Confident, you strutted in like it was no one’s business.

          Levi looked up from his book, baffled at your arrival.

         “Oh. Nope, wrong room.”

         Levi sat there, still surprised.

         “Close the mouth, Corporal,” you snapped.

         Levi stood from his chair and grabbed you wrist. “Why are you here?”

         “I was… sleep walking.”

         Levi let go of you and crossed his arms. “Oh really, brat? I should make you clean the castle for a week if you’re lying.”

         You trembled slightly. You were tired, you were thirsty [*coughcoughcough*], and you really just wanted to sleep.

         And if sleep could come a worst time, well too bad, because the exhaustion slapped you in the face. You fell directly into Levi.

         He caught you, however.

         Looking down at your soft features, he smiled slightly.

         Levi picked you up, placed you in his bed, and pulled the covers over your body. Before he returned to his reading, he leaned over you and placed a single gently kiss on your lips.

         But of course, sleep has its ways of helping you when it’s a bitch other times.  

         You awoke suddenly [yes, after like 2 seconds of sleeping] and pulled his face lower, letting you kiss him deeper.

         Levi pulled back slightly and looked at you. “Why do you have to be so confident with yourself?”

* Rocks can have cleavage. Cleavage is when the rock breaks in flat plains. Or boobs. Either or.

WHATEVER. Spinning Awesome Smiley 

*Song -…;

Anyways, this is really long, so you might want some popcorn to eat while reading. I wrote this and was saving it for a little. It's a little more casual and happy stuff, but I hope you like it! 

I don't own Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) 
I don't own you.
I own Levi ehehehehe 
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