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Reader x Levi – AU!Heartwarming

Warning for language

(Characters are in high school/middle school setting)

You toss a wadded piece of paper at Levi. He tips his head up and looks at you. With a snort, he returns his attention to the book he has out for study hall. It’s some five hundred page manuscript with a velvety cover about a future that will never exist, but he seems very interested in it.

        Sighing, you stand from your seat and go to the teacher’s desk. Once you remind Mr. Shadis that he promised you could present your project, he nods.

        The moment Levi’s slender fingers flip the page of his book, Mr. Shadis clears his throat and speaks. “I’d like everyone to please pay attention to the screen for the next ten minutes. We have a speaker – (F/n) will be sharing with us her,” he looks at the you, “what was it again?”

        With a smile on your face and a frown on Levi’s, you whisper something to the professor

        “Right. (F/n) will be presenting her ‘No Place for Hate’ persuasive project for us. Following will be a quick and easy activity that she has planned. So, books away, computers shut, pens down, and eyes up front. You have it from here, (F/n)?”

        You nod and type in your school email address as well as the password. Once the server loads, you double clicks on a colourful presentation and staggers to the front of the classroom.

        Once you’ve taken her position, Mike flicks off the lights and sits back down.

        After taking a breath and receiving one of Levi’s get-the-fuck-on-with-it looks, you begin. “Gossip is something we all hear. It’s all around us. You can’t escape it. Everyone believes that the rumors will just die out at one point, but wouldn’t it be simpler if they were never fabricated in the first place? It’s not always easy to restart, refresh, and regrow. Studies show that ninety-five percent of students have felt inferior to other at some point in their life, whether it’s due to appearance, origin, etc.”

        You continue your speech and presentation. The ten minutes pass by quickly, and you soon find yourself passing out sticky notes to each of the clusters of five desks that take up the classroom.

        “Now’s the time to enforce positive messages. I ask you all to write three complements for three people. Nine sentences or sentence fragments that will make a person smile. Make the laugh. Make them happy. One person out of the three must be someone you don’t really know. Another should be you admire for a specific reason – maybe they helped someone by tutoring them, maybe they picked up trash that wasn’t theirs, and so on and so forth. The last one can be to anyone you wish.”

        When you stop, chatter erupts in the classroom, each of the students reaching for three sticky notes and for pen and pencils.

        As you sit down and reach for the bright green sticky note pad on your desk, Petra comes up and hands you a deep maroon piece of paper with black ink scribbled over it. “I loved your presentation. It was very well written and really spoke to me.”

        “Thank you,” you answer with a smile. You accept her complements and read over them. You’re always kind to everyone. You’re very smart. You always help anyone in need.

        This is great – everyone’s loving your presentation and most students are writing more than one sticky note of complements. Brilliant! Mr. Shadis walks around the classroom, to make sure that everything his students are writing is ‘school appropriate’.

        You hand a finished note to your close friend, Erwin. His first reaction is a hearty laugh. “I know my eyebrows a beautiful, thank you (F/n).”

        Next, you exchange one with Hanji. She reminded you about the time you assisted her when she lost her glasses and you helped her recall the time she cried with you when your TV show ended.

        A couple of people give you more sticky note, and you get up twice to spread your own complements.

        Once you’re back in your seat, Levi gives you a blue sticky note with harsh Sharpie on it. You don’t look like shit. You smell like pine forest and herbal tea. I don’t hate you. You chuckle and kick his shin under the table – your discrete way of saying thank you in the presence of a teacher.

        Levi returns the kick and taps his marker against his desk.

        Blue marker in hand, you write your own set of complements for your boyfriend. I know that you helped Oluo when he dropped his stuff last week ~ how kind of you. I’ve seen you smile and it’s a beautiful smile. I love when you text me at two in the morning to see if I’m awake. (Even if you know I’m probably not.)

        You give it to him and wait for his reaction. First, you can detect a hint of disgust. (Someone had seen him being sympathetic.) Then a faint blush tints his pale cheeks. And lastly, a ghost of a smile passes over his lips.

        “Thanks,” he mumbles, tucking your note into his book.

        Mr. Shadis begins to laugh. “Is your heart growing? Like from the movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”?

        Levi freezes and panics. “W-What?”

        “Yes!” Mr. Shadis weaves around the desks and flicks on the projector, setting up a video on YouTube.

        When the off-key singing of the people of Whoville sounds, everyone’s attention turns to the screen. “But this, this sound wasn’t sad. Why, this sound sounded glad! Every Who down in Whoville the tall and the small was singing. Without any presents at all!”

        Some people laugh. Others are confused and just watch the green persona move across the screen with his creepy frown.

        “Mark your calendars, cause this is Levi right now.”

        The Grinch holds on to the sled filled with stolen presents for dear life as the narrator speaks. “What happened then, well they say in Whoville that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day.” The screen above the Grinch’s heart breaks. “And then, the true meaning of Christmas came through and the Grinch found the strength of ten Grinches plus two.”

        People laugh – not at Levi – but at the timing of the movie.

        You giggle and glance at him. He’s not mad, he’s just not happy.

        Arms crossed over his chest, he mutters, “It’s not bloody Christmas and my heart’s the same size it’s always been.”

        “Sure, sure,” you reply, placing a quick kiss on his cheek. At the touch of your lips, his face goes red and everyone, including Mr. Shadis, laugh and smile.

        Everyone knows what’ll be in tomorrow’s gossip, it just can’t be helped.
so this actually happened to me

a colleague presented a 'no gossip' thing for an LA project and at the end we had to write complements for anyone we wanted (mind you it was only girls in the classroom). i thought it would be funny to put levi in that situation and with a little bit of tweaking, i give you this!

hope you like it!! 

I don't own the picture.
I don't own Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan).
I don't own you.
I own the plot line.
I own Levi ehehehehe. 
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